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New Thought Centres - Universal New Thought Center Directory - Unity, Divine Science, Seicho No Ei, Universal Foundation for Better Living, Centers for Spiritual Living, New Thought Spiritual Communities around the world. - Find Love Based Spiritual Communities around the world or around the corner.

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This New Thought Directory should make it easier for you to locate New Thought Communities. New Thought Listings of Communities, Weddings Officiants, Wedding Celebrants, Spiritual Treatment Centers.

Paul to Church leaders: "I could not address you as people who live by the Spirit ... since there is jealousy and quarreling among you ... each be rewarded according to their own labor. For we are co-workers in God’s service; ... By the grace God has given me, I laid a foundation as a wise builder ... If anyone destroys God’s temple, God will destroy that person; for God’s temple is sacred, and you together are that temple. ... Do not deceive yourselves. If any of you think you are wise by the standards of this age, you should become 'fools' so that you may become wise."
~ 1 Corinthians 3

FindACenter Universal New Thought Directory

system is an open source public New Thought News service sponsored by Serving New Thought and powered by the public. We support thousands of New Thought Communities around the globe: Unity, Science of Mind, Divine Science, DivineUnity, UFBL, Religious Science Churches and Centers, Centers For Spiritual Living, Spiritual Living Centers and other affiliated and independent New Thought Metaphysical Centers.

This and other open source resources gain increased accuracy through the partiipation of interested parties. In contrast to organization driven models in which participation is mandatory and tithing is contractual, the FindACenter Directory system empowers participants through choices.

  1. The first choice is whether to participate in the provision of New Thought News or to leave that provision in the hands of the public relying on the power of social media to provide information and insights into featured communities. Participation means empowerment.
After one chooses empowerment through participation, additional choices become available.
  1. Once a leader has chosen Empowerment. The next choice is whether to Walk the Talk demonstrating New Thought Principles by choosing Prosperity, or to Choose Charity.
Choosing Charity is the easy choice. It is the default choice. Choosing Prosperity entails taking action. Prosperity is the wise choice.
  1. Charity means subsisting and surviving. Prosperity means developing and thriving. Charity listings are basic listings which include the names, location, and service times of a New Thought Community. Prosperity listings include contact information and more.

Just like Facebook, Twitter, Fox News, MSNBC and any other participatory information service, all participation, including accessing the directory is subject to the Terms.

The FindACenter New Thought Directory system is part of a set of tools that empower New Thought Seekers and Sharers. Often Spiritual Seekers are unfamiliar with New Thought. They tend to conflate New Thought with New Age; Science of Mind with Religious Science; Spiritual Living with Scientology; and at times arrive with a mixed bag of metaphysical teachings.

New Thought Seekers often begin their search for a New Thought Community at one of the mirrors of New Thought Library, clicking the FindACenter link to search for a New Thought Community.

At this point, New Thought Seekers are not familiar with the various divisions or "transdenominations" within New Thought. They do not know about Unity or Divine Science, must less the difference between Religious Science and Science of Mind.

At this point Seekers are simply searching for a community and that could be yours!

This directory is an open source directory.

Participants include thousands of people around the globe who are part of the New Thought movement. Active participation on the part of New Thought Leadership increases accuracy and can enhance their outreach.

But participation is not necessary to the process. If a leader is unaware of these powerful resources at their fingertips, the public provides information and insights.

covered with the Public Update System

Listings that do not have a steward are kept current through the Public Update System (P.U.S.) Millions of people around the world who are part of the New Thought movement happily express themselves through Social Media and Open Source News Systems including this one.

Today anyone can steward any listing. This has increased accuracy of the listings and reduced the need for New Thought Leaders to invest time and energy into actively managing their public profiles.

However, the wise leader is a responsible one who chooses Prosperity Stewardship and thereby gains greater inflluence over the public profile of the community he or she is leading.

Over a 20 year period, we have watched people learn about the internet, became aware of our existence, then step forward taking stewardship over various listings.

If you are an interested party and notice a listing pertaining to a community that you care about is available for stewardship, grab it now!

This way you can support that community in the manner that you feel provides the most accurate insights.

  1. Prosperity Stewardships provides support to the community by changing the status of a community from Charity to Prosperity. This in itself is a powerful message to seekers who prefer centers that walk their talk.
Prosperity Stewardship does not require that you do more than sponsor the listing.
  1. Whereas we encourage you to update listings that you are sponsoring. We do not require that you do any updates. Stewards csn simply be comforted by the fact that the listing pertaining to a center they care about reflects Prosperity. YOU ARE NOT REQUIRED TO DO ANYTHING.
If you choose to be an active Prosperity Steward
  1. Active Prosperity Stewards can update information, create comments* and if a spiritual leader, access ministry building tools to develop your ministry, increase your outreach and grow the New Thought Community.
    *Comments may not include foul or derogatory language.
Higher levels of Prosperity translate to higher levels of visibility.
  1. Prosperity Stewardship means you have contact info in the listing. Depending on the level of your committment, you can choose to allow or disallow greater levels of visible information.

These listings are powerful tools for the saavy soul.

New Thought Leaders who realize that the directory is the only universal New Thought Directory in the world getting thousands of hits a day on the different mirrors and variations that comprise the directory system do not hesitate to grabThe directory system is kept secure via the UOS update & stewardship process.

What does "open source" mean?

Open source means that this directory is a compilation of public information which is actively maintained through participation and collaboration of a growing team of networked New Thought Seeker and Sharers.

What is Public Information?

Public information is that information which is within the Public Domain. There is a lot of information in the public domain. Every day news is generated through events and reported throughout the world. Also people are sharing information via social networks and of course every unencrypted email that is sent becomes part of the public record. Reports regarding New Thought Communities become part of their public information profile and thus constitutes information within the public arena.

Updates are sent in by the Public and interested parties.

The process is largely automated with updates being sent in by the public with occasional support from the New Thought News team. New Thought News is composed of volunteer New Thought Sharers who take an interest in promoting New Thought as a Spiritual Path which integrates the latest science. New Millennial New Thought is a philosophy of compassionate and positive thinking combined with the spiritual insights of New Thought / Ancient Wisdom which acknowledges the spiritual primacy of Human Rights and the importance of the UDHR in the realization of these rights for all people.

Different countries have varying standards of Human Rights

In New Thought you will often hear people talk about the one mind. This is the Divine Mind, God, Great Spirit, (there are many names for our "higher power"). The concept, "one mind, one life," is rooted in the understanding of the Unity of all life and how we are all part of a powerful interdependent biological web of life. In this sense, we live in one world.

Although we all living on the same earth, the Old Thought of the three worlds is still very much alive today.

The actual meaning of the Three Worlds Concept.

The three worlds concept has to do with legal systems and how people are treated. It is not about the abundance, or absence of wealth.

  1. In the first world, people come first. When a person goes to court in the first world, he or she is on the same footing and level as any other entity.
  2. in the second world, people come second (after corporations). When a person goes to court in the second world, he or she has less power than a corporation.
  3. in the third world the majority of people come third (after corporations, other institutions and other people). When a person goes to court in the third world, he or she is subject to arbitrary justice based upon laws which support a hierarch that he or she may or may not be part of.

This affects people's access to information and their ability to make decisions with regard to what they wish to believe. We serve New Thought around the globe ensuring that all people can gain access to these potent teachings.

Regardless of what part of the world you are in, use of this directory is subject to the Terms of Use and the Terms of Service. If you don't agree with these Terms, then discontinue using this directory immediately.

Stewardship is the best vehicle by which you can influence information in listings.

Individuals can become Stewards of particular New Thought listings. This is how to exert influence over the listings pertaining to particular New Thought Communities. Interested parties of all kinds can become Prosperity Stewards, sponsoring a listing pertaining to a community.

When Stewardship is achieved.

Generally the status notice to the left of that listing reflects the consciousness of the leadership of a particular community. If it is a "charity" listing then either the leadership is not practicing Conscious Ministry and thus is unaware of the Directory system, or there is no interest in the F.A.C.E. of the community. When a person takes Prosperity Stewardship of a listing, then this graphic usually changes to Prosperity.

When Updates are received.

If a listing is not stewarded, then the server is set to verify two information fields, the name of the center and the address. As has been pointed out on numerous occasions, it is FindACenter, not FindALeader or FindAServiceTime. Thus unstewarded listings may have information which is not accurate. Information within Stewarded listings depends on the steward for management. Stewards are encouraged, but not required to update information.

We care about the listings.

The primary responsiblity for listing accuracy rests with the steward of that listing, if it has one. Otherwise the listing simply reflects the latest information that was reported. Today the system is largely automated. At times volunteers donate time to support this process, however the responsibility for accuracy devolves upon those interested parties who either submit info via the Public Update System or those Spiritual Leaders, board members and friends of centers who demonstrate caring through Prosperity Stewardship.

True Spiritual Leadership means Walking the Talk

One way this can be observed is through the notice to the left of the listing.

Spiritual Seekers should take heed of these notices.

If a center is in Prosperity Status, then one can be assured this community is walking its talk and is thus a good place for New Thought Classes and Spiritual Development.

If not, then one should scrutinize the leadership. Are they truly living the teachings or simply asking you for tithes while not supporting the resources which got you to that New Thought Community in the first place?

One of the volunteers watched a New Thought Spiritual Leader rig a contest drawing in front of his congregation giving the majority of the prizes to the members he favored. This action did not go unnoticed and eventually led to the departure of that Spiritual Leader from the Spiritual Community.

There are signs that help us to discern truth. Look and See. Listen and Hear. Whereas some of leaders appear to lack integrity, others are simply subs, meaning they are subject to the downward pressure of those above them in the respective pyramids which comprise their New Thoought "transdenominations" or organizations they are members of.

Time spent on updates.

These days it is unusual for volunteers to spend time helping update listings. The system is now largely automated being driven by the Public Update Service and the Stewardship System. The time you spend on going through the proces of an Update Orientation Session (UOS) is time you are tithing to your community. We care about people finding the location of your center and want more people to attend New Thought Communities. For years, volunteers spent loads of time helping Spiritual Leaders, now thank goodness the system is largely automated and much simpler.

If you are blessed to get volunteer support.

Demonstrate Gratitude. Volunteers are not obligated to help you. if you lose the good grace of the volunteers then the alternative is to book an appointment for Spiritual Consultation and Support. There is generally a six week waiting period due to the long list of souls seeking spiritual support.

All use of this or any other resource we host, are subject to the Terms of Service.

Listings are public property.

We will not participate in any unethical delisting of any center for any reason. We do not list fundamentalist organizations or centers that do not conform with the requirements as to what constitutes a New Thought Organization, Fellowship, Community or Center. We have had numerous attempts by various individuals wanting to delist centers in their area to give their community an advantage over the communities they wish to delist. In some cases, unethical New Thought Ministers have sought to hurt their former communities through delisting. Due to such unethical behavior, we do verify that centers are no longer in existence. Ministers who demonstrate unethical behavior will normally be reported to the boards of these congregations.

Responsibility for accuracy of listings

We do not assume responsibilty for the accuracy of any particular listing. Centers wishing to maintain accuracy of their respective listings must participate within the guidelines established over the first 20 years of the directory systems existence. If you wish to update the listing pertaining to a particular center. Either become stewards for the particular listing pertaining to their center, or use the Public Update System.

All use of the directory system is subject to the Terms.

We are not interested in politics, spiritual politics or otherwise.

Only an Attitude of Gratitude will get latitude.

As outlined above, we are already giving our time to support you. We care about you to the extent that you demonstrate caring about your community and the New Thought movement. People, including ministers, who are abusive or display a lack of integrity deservedly earn what their consciousness manifests.

Serving the Seeker

Before the creation of, New Thought Seekers did not have a comprehensive directory or resource for news and information concerning New Thought around the world. Seekers were forced to discover, then search through seven or more different New Thought denominational directories in order to find the New Thought Center or Church nearest his/her home.

Keep in mind that contemporary New Thought is at times laced with nonsense language such as "transdenominational." This is meant to evoke the idea that New Thought Centers are more accepting than other Spiritual Paths. This is true in some sense, but there are clear differences between the different trandenominations and organizations within this movement and if a seeker cannot find a community, then such distinctions are moot.

Find Your Center through Exploration

We have created this directory to facilitate your search for a New Thought Spiritual Community. In the old days, prior to 1992, even if souls could find and search all the denominations directories, some of the strongest New Thought communities are independent and thus not listed in any directory. These were left out in the cold as New Thought denominations naturally do not give listings to communities that are not part of their organizations and thus not paying their membership fees, mandatory tithes and dues.

This often led to frustration on the part of New Thought seekers who might have had a New Thought Center right around the corner, but were unable to find it.

FindACenter is a Soulution

The FindACenter Universal New Thought directory system is a wonderful "soulution" to this problems.

What is required to be listed in the Directory?

As detailed above, the FindACenter directory system was created to meet the universal need for a comprehensive New Thought Directory. The solution is an open source directory which is the only truly universal directory for New Thought untainted by any Spiritual Politics or membership fees.

Any New Thought Spiritual Community, Church, Center, or Study Group may be listed in the directory as long as that group has a physical meeting place (ie. a center) and teaches or shares New Thought and is in congruence with the:

New Thought Principles of the New Millennium


Since the humble beginning of the directory in 1992, it has grown to include most if not all New Thought Churches, Centers and Study Groups around the world. This is because the directory is an Open Source Directory meaning it is a compilation of public information enhanced through ongoing participation. These days thousands of people visit the directory daily.

Although submission and updates may be sent in by anyone through the Public Update Service (PUS), it is possible to become a Steward of listings pertaining to centers and thereby influence the information in those listings.

When people around the world are seeking a New Thought Community, they come to this directory because we do not participate in Spiritual Politics. We list all New Thought communities regardless of their affiliation or membership.

We do not delist communities at the behest of any individual or for any reason other than said communities are no longer New Thought Communities and no longer teaching or believing in New Thought, or can be verified to be completely shut down and out of existence.

Whether you are a member of a small group or larger community which is part of a of a large "transdenomination," like Seicho No Ie, you are treated equally. The only requirement is that your group is a New Thought community rooted in the aformentioned Universal Principles. There is no fee to be in the directory. Individuals and centers that wish to express a prosperity consciousness may give voluntary contributions to support this directory and the other New Thought Spiritual Resources we maintain to support New Thought seekers and sharers around the glove. Contributions are handled by PayPal.

A valid phone number and email are required for updates. We verify new listings and in the case that a center address is changed, this may prompt a verification call. We reserve the right to remove any listing which violates our qualifications for being in the directory. Cyber ministries which do not have a physical meeting place do not normally qualify for charity listing in the directory as the listings are geographic. Cyber ministries wishing to participate must first and formemost demonstrate a committment to these resources demonstrating a compelling case that they are indeed supporting all of New Thought and not simply running a money making enterprise.

Serving New Thought gives a variety of free services to New Thought Ministries such as hosting, training and other resources which will save your community money and time.

Members of a recognized New Thought "Transdenomination", or AGNT, INTA or SEA are prequalified to be listed. Independent centers and groups must apply for admission to the directory and go through a verification process.

If you are a member of an independent New Thought community and wish to accelerate the listing process, it is advisable for you to register with the SEA or another organization for New Thought Communities.

AGNT is separate from Serving New Thought and has its own entry requirements.
Organizational Members are prequalified to be listed in this directory.
Their website is:

INTA is separate from Serving New Thought and has its own entry requirements.
Group members are prequalified to be listed in this directory.
Their website is:

SEA is separate from Serving New Thought and has its own entry requirements.
Ministerial Members are prequalified to be listed in this directory.
Their website is:

If you wish to be listed with the proper color code of an affiliate of an organization, be sure and keep your membership materials in order to send us a copy as proof of your membership in one of the above organizations. This directory is part of the New Thought News Resources.

Learn more about New Thought.

This is an independent open source New Thought Directory

All use of the Directory is subject to the Terms

We are not affiliated with United or International Centers for Spiritual Living, or with Unity, DivineUnity, UFBL or Divine Science. We serve all Centers for Spiritual Living regardless of their affiliation or independence.

We serve all Science of Mind & Religious Science Centers regardless of their independence or affiliation.

Serving New Thought provides support to all New Thought Centers regardless of their independence or affiliation.

This is an independent open source New Thought Directory

All use of the Directory is subject to the Terms



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This is an independent open source New Thought Directory

Use of this Directory is subject to the Terms

We are not affiliated with United or International Centers for Spiritual Living, or with Unity, DivineUnity, UFBL or Divine Science. We serve all Centers for Spiritual Living regardless of their affiliation or independence.

We serve all Science of Mind & Religious Science Centers regardless of their independence or affiliation.

Serving New Thought provides support to all New Thought Centers regardless of their independence or affiliation.

This is an independent open source New Thought Directory

Use of this Directory is subject to the Terms


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New Thought Day was declared by James Edgerton on August 23rd, 1915
During research while expanding the free New Thought Library, one of the ministers came across an interesting quote from early New Thought Alliance President James A. Edgerton: "'The truth, once announced, has the power not only to renew but to extend itself. New Thought is universal in its ideals and therefore should be universal in its appeal. Under the guidance of the spirit, it should grow in good works until it embraces many lands and eventually the whole world.' ~ New Thought Day, August 23rd , 1915."

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New Thought Day
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1st declared by James Edgerton in 1915

"'The truth, once announced, has the power not only to renew but to extend itself. New Thought is universal in its ideals and therefore should be universal in its appeal. Under the guidance of the spirit, it should grow in good works until it embraces many lands and eventually the whole world.' ~ James A. Edgerton, New Thought Day, August 23rd, 1915."

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